In the English dictionary, there are 26 different ways to explain the word move. I think that’s the reason why I chose this name as a title for my blog/journey. In English the word has such beautiful meanings.

From the 23rd of July 2016 I will travel the world in search of good practices of movement and dance education in primary schools and school for children with special needs. I will be looking for inspirational stories of educators who integrate movement in their classes. The countries I will visit will be: Canada, U.S.A., New-Zealand and Australia. And since this is my very first blog for this project, I will explain what the word move means to me, and how I believe it can change education. With a little help from google and the English dictionary.

  • Capable of having : a moving object

Everything moves. People move, objects move; by themselves or with help from a person. Even if you stand still, the earth still moves. So basically movement is all around…

  • Causing or producing motion

Most of the movement is caused by people. The earth moving is something we have no influence on, but pretty much everything else is done by us. We use our bodies for so many things; to move stuff, but mostly to move ourselves from one place to another. Or at least, that is what most people believe their body is good for. But actually, we also use or bodies to express ourselves. We use it to communicate non-verbally, to express our emotions. And a lot of people also need to move to be able to think or process information. So the big question here is: if we’re all moving so much, why do we sit still in school all day?

  • To advance or progress

I believe the answer is: we not moving forward. The whole educational system doesn’t match with the current time we live in. We need some progress. And, luckily, I’ve already seen a lot of progressive schools with amazing curricula. And I know there are many more to be seen and to be heard. I am ready to share stories of good practices within the educational field. And with sharing I hope to inspire others to start moving.

  • To pass from one place or position to another

So the plan is to not just hear stories from people I know, or that live in my own country. I will be moving around. There are many researches done about dance and movement in education, but reading an article is not the same as actually being there in person. In that way, I can actually see and feel what is happening. I want to explore, to meet people in their own habitat. To see the faces of the kids when they start moving in their classrooms. And hear their reactions afterwards. And that is what I’ll be doing for the next six months: traveling from one place to another, to find movement.

  • Stirring or evoking strong feelings or emotions, especially touchingly or pathetically

Hopefully these stories will evoke feelings. Because without that, there is no moving forward. So next to wanting to get people to move physically, I also hope to move them from the inside. I really love this definition of the title.

  • An act or instance of moving; movement.

And last, but not least, my biggest dream is to start a movement. Of movers. Who move others. So we can all move or be moved. With our bodies (just keep dancing!), around the world, or simply from within.

This trip is amazingly terrifying, but I sincerely hope you will stay in touch and keep following my blog. Please leave your comments; all questions, suggestions and words of feedback are more than welcome! Let’s start this journey!