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The Moving Children Foundations can not exist without your help! Do you have a passion for movement, children, education or research? Do you want to be part of a worldwide community that supports movement for children? Here are a few ways you can help:


We are always looking for new, inspiring partners to collaborate with. Together we can expand our network to achieve a wider reach for our (mutual) goals. Interested in a collaboration? Contact us here.


A wonderful way to help us is to offer your skills as a volunteer. Are you a teacher, writer, photographer or is there another way you think you can contribute to our cause? We would love to have you on our team! Send your story to


Want to move with children in your community? Do you have a great idea for a project? Do you need help fine-tuning your plan or are you in need of funding? Maybe we can help! Contact us at 


Do you want to support our cause and contribute to our movement? Do you believe in our mission? Do you want to make a difference? Donate here. Thank you for your help!


Be a part of our online community. On this platform you will be able to share your ideas, knowledge, research, movement activities. Inspire and be inspired by others!

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