Our Vision

We believe every child needs to move. Movement through yoga, dance and play can make a significant contribution to a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. It helps children express themselves with their bodies, develop empathy and discover their own identity.

It is movement on the outside, but also from within.

Our Mission

We aim to create an international movement where people that share the vision of Moving Children come together and connect. We do this by spreading our philosophy around the world to educational professionals, care providers and policy makers. We share knowledge, support organizations, engage in meaningful collaborations with like-minded people and fund research on movement for children. The core of our work is to ensure our projects are sustainable and in time self-sufficient.

Moving Children will initiate projects in areas where learning through yoga, dance and play can improve children’s lives.
Together we can bring the joy of movement to every child.


Our Core Values


Children, educational professionals, aid workers, parents, around the world.


Classes, workshops, projects, trainings, movement curricula for schools.


Our philosophy, knowledge, ideas, enthusiasm, passion for movement.


Like-minded organizations, professionals, cultures, people.


Social and cultural differences.


From each other and other inspiring people/organizations around the world.

Our Team

Laura Kool

Laura Kool

Founder | Project Manager | Teacher Trainer

Moving Children started with a passion. After 10 years of studying, teaching dance and yoga, creating lesson plans, doing research and writing/editing for magazines, I decided to travel around the world to advocate for movement for children. During my travels, I connected with the most inspiring people and was blown away by the generosity and kindness of local communities. It was an incredible learning experience, which showed me that children all over the world need to move and that there are so many amazing projects out there that need support. The Moving Children Foundation is a dream come true. And with the support of this fantastic team I believe we can change many lives. www.koolart.nl/en

Laura Jonkers

Laura Jonkers

Project Coordinator | Teacher

During and after my studies (Bachelor of Dance Education) I worked on various projects; I developed dance classes for elderly people with limited eyesight, wrote my thesis at a women's shelter, I teach at various (high) schools and founded the dARTling foundation with which I give young talent in the townships of South Africa the opportunity to develop as artists and art teachers. In addition, I have been trained as an all-round yoga teacher and I strongly believe in the healing power of yoga on a physical and mental level.
I am excited to be part of Moving Children. This is the place where all my passions come together and where we can make the world a better place.


Board of Directors

Jaap Kool

Jaap Kool


After my training as a drama teacher, I owned a store which sold theater make-up, costumes and dance clothes. After selling this store, I became a freelance portrait painter and make-up artist. Nowadays I focus on having a creative life in the broadest sense of the word.

I am a great supporter of art and creativity. Art in whatever form is the silent motor of society, it ensures that the general ‘feeling of happiness' comes to a higher level. Art is indispensable. That is why it is so important to bring large groups of people in contact with art, starting with children, for whom dance and music are the most accessible forms.

Miriam Reelick

Miriam Reelick


From my own background as a movement scientist and experience as a dancer and yoga practitioner, I know how strong the effects of movement are on body and mind. The knowledge in this field is expanding rapidly. I strongly support the way in which we do not portray ourselves as experts, but learn from each other by sharing knowledge and inspiration.
I have known Laura for years as a passionate expert, teacher and fantastic person with a strong vision and drive. I have confidence in her expertise and ability to connect people and ideas, with respect for the local culture and community. Together we can make it possible for children to enjoy (the positive effects of) dance, yoga and play, all around the world.

Anneloes van Brummelen

Anneloes van Brummelen


I believe that movement helps people grow. As an active triathlete I am constantly in motion and in addition to feeling stronger myself, I have noticed it also motivates others to create a more healthy lifestyle. Through yoga, dance and play, Moving Children makes children aware of their possibilities at an early age and I am confident of the social impact of its mission. Within my role as treasurer I will use my experience as a consultant for improving organizational processes to create new opportunities and collaborations. It is my ambition to help Moving Children grow and thrive to support movement for children around the world.

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