We Support

We support multiple organizations around the world that (want to) move with children with:


Exchange of knowledge


Developing movement curricula




Organizing local projects

Our aim is to involve the local community and create projects that are sustainable and in time self-sufficient.

The Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) supports local children in their development by making sure that customized medical care and education is also available to underprivileged children and children with disabilities or learning disorders. The Foundation center is based in the rural, forest community of Paksong.  

At the special school the children are provided with movement classes (yoga and meditation) and a lot of playful (movement) activities. The children work in nature, play music and learn both Thai and English. In cooperation with the schoolteachers and local yoga teacher, Moving Children is currently developing a movement curriculum based on the special needs of the children. We also support TCDF with exchange of knowledge, class supplies and funding. The connected resort for charity (Eco-Logic) will be a host for the upcoming Moving Children Teacher Trainings.


Shishu Bhavan, Child Day Care Centre Arpora, India

Shishu Bhavan (translated as “a safe and loving place for children”) was founded in 2014 by Renee Mallardo and Rupa Mandrekar to help disadvantaged children move into the education system, provide nutrition and hygiene, and basic healthcare.

The Shishu Bhavan Day Care Centre provides much needed care for the pre-school age children in the slums. Their mission is to help the children by educating to the standard required to enter mainstream school at age 6. They help families with the required paperwork for registration and meet any costs attached.

In collaboration with Ashiyana Yoga, India, Moving Children is working with the teachers of Shishu Bhavan to provide a sustainable movement program for all the children at the centre.


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